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Jack Brisco Music Video Tribute - One Shining Moment
This was created as a present for Jack by Mark Nulty in 2001.


Jack Brisco on Ringside Live
Jack Brisco's first appearance on's Ringside Live. Jack talks about the beginnings of his professional career after his NCAA championship at Oklahoma State. We trace his career through Florida, the NWA World heavyweight championship, and his sudden retirement from the WWE.

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Jack Brisco and Harley Race talk about the NWA World title
Two of the greatest World heavyweight champions of all time swap stories and trade insight. The two offer frank and sometimes controversial opinions on the issues and stars of their era.

Click here to listen to Jack Brisco and Harely Race's conversation

Jack Brisco remembers Starrcade
Prior to his appearance at the November 2004 NWA Fanfest in Charlotte, Jack Brisco remembers the great Brisco Brothers vs Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood feud.

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Jack Brisco remembers the great Christmas shows
One of the great traditions of professional wrestling were huge shows on Christmas days. Jack shares his memories about what it was like being on the road for the holidays.

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